k since people were asking for it and this could be useful

I actually ganked most of the info from HERE but that pic is a formatting nightmare so I’m just regurgitating the info in a slightly easier to read format

TSUNDERE: Standard ‘Harsh outside, soft inside’ type, acts rudely but is really a huge softie after you break through their shell. (ie. Asuka Soryu, Kagami Hiiragi etc)

name is derived from ‘tsuntsun’, meaning ‘ponted’, and ‘deredere’ meaning ‘sweet’

YANDERE: Initially sweet and affectionate, with their love eventually turning into a stalkeresqe obsession and occasionally a murderous fixation on ‘getting rid of competition’ over time. (ie. Shion Sonozaki, Yuno)

Name is derived from ‘yanderu’, to be ill, and ‘deredere’, meaning ‘sweet’

Not to be confused with Yangire, which is killing for reasons other then romantic attraction

KUUDERE: A character who initially acts cold and distant, but becomes affectionate after they open up to you. (ie. Rika Furude, Sakaki)

Name is derived from ‘Kuuru’, a romanization of ‘Cool’, and ‘Deredere’

DANDERE: Socially awkward type who generally  stays quiet and avoids people, save for one or two who they can open up to and show their sweet personality, can occasionally be mistaken for kuudere (ie. Pre-timeskip Homura)

Name is derived from ‘Danmari’, meaning ‘Silence’, and ‘Deredere’

DEREDERE: Characters who are entirely sweet and energetic and show this personality to everybody (ie. every character from every moe show ever)

KAMIDERE: Characters with a god complex, frequently behave as tsunderes as well. May or may not have actual godly powers. (ie. Kyouka-Sama)

Name is derived from ‘Kami’, meaning ‘God’, and ‘deredere’

HIMEDERE: Similar to Kamidere, but expect to be treated as a princess rather then a god, though frequently actual princesses, but not always. (ie. World is Mine!Miku)

Name is derived from ‘Himesama’ meaning ‘Princess’, and ‘Deredere’

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